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The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has online
manipulatives that can be used on an interactive white
board or other device.

We have homes for students of different ages, and
we have homes for teachers of different
age groups. If you are a parent or carer, we
suggest that you start with the Teacher Guide.

Explore the library of 108 online activities
that help to make math come alive in
the classroom or at home.


Sheppard Software has some FUN money games! 

Matching Coins

Count US Coins- an interactive site that allows 
you to learn coin recognition and counting patterns.

Matching Money- a matching game that allows you a timed or an untimed game.

Money Desk- has three different levels of difficulty 
and three different characters to choose from.

The US Mint has several different fun games for kids:

ABCya's Counting Money Game- three different levels of difficulty

Bank It! - 3 different difficulty levels

CA$H Out- includes three levels of difficulty and on screen hints

Piggy Bank- easy and hard levels

Money Printable Games from Fuel the Brain

Sparklebox Money Printables here including Money Fans
and Amounts to $1 Matching Cards.








This game is great because it allows you to choose
 the starting and ending number up to the 7,000's

This game allows you to choose both your starting number 
and the number of steps so students can practice counting by 2's, 3's, 4's, etc. 
To change the starting number and steps, slide the sliders on the left side of the screen. 

This game has many different levels for students
 to progress through and is lots of fun!

In this game you are a pirate, count the barrels in the water, 
enter the number and press the button to attack the island base.

Basic Facts & ComputationNumber SenseMeasurement
•  Combos of 10 - Math Lines•  Numberline - Find a number•  The Ruler Game
•  Hidden Picture-facts•  Type Large Numbers•  Centimeter Ruler
•  Multiplication - MATHO•  Comparing Large Numbers•  Alien Angles
•  Division - MATHO•  Number Line Estimation•  Banana Hunt-angles
•  Build a Slide - addition•  Estimation•  Protractor Measures
•  Addition-Step-by-Step•  Matching•  Problem Solving
•  Subtraction-Step-by-Step•  Rounding Numbers•  Area or Perimeter
•  Base Ten SubtractionDecimals/Fractions•  area/peRIMeter
•  Boxing- compare equations•  Decimal Darts
•  Multiply by 10, 100, 1,000•  Decimal SquaresMoney
•  Part Part Whole-Number Bonds•  Order Decimals - Bricks•  Make Change
•  Ordering Decimals - Switch•  Cashier - Making Change
Math Vocabulary•  Matching•  Count the Money
•  Math Terms Glossary•  Add Fractions
•  Math Terms Quiz•  Subtract Fractions•  Decimals Numberline Tool
•  Equivalent Fractions
Graphing•  Lots of Decimals•  Problem Solving
•  Round Decimals
STUDY ISLAND•  Pattern Blocks•  Flip Slide Turn