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Monday, April 15, 2013

BGSU's Literacy in the Park

BGSU's 2013 Literacy in the Park event was a huge success! I am currently finishing my Master of Education in Reading through the Graduate Reading Program at BGSU. I was given the privilege as a graduate assistant to co-coordinate Literacy in the Park with my partner Megan Reed.

After months of planning, we had an enormous turn out and some very happy kids.  The purpose of Literacy in the Park is to promote family literacy through a free family event.

To find out more information about our gracious sponsors and what we had to offer at the event, visit our website.  Megan and I had a great time designing the website based on Dewdney's books.

Literacy in the Park Website

Watch the video below from BG24 News highlighting Literacy in the Park.

Meeting Anna Dewdney was a wonderful experience for the Graduate Assistants.  She is a fantastic person and was a joy to work with.  The families and children felt the same.  They loved her presentations in the theater and her personalizations of her book signings. Check out her tweets below!

Below is a copy of our folded program.  We promised families to help them decide what activities to visit and when in a busy event by providing a schedule of activities and a map of the event.

Below are some examples of marketing materials used to advertise the event.

Our FaceBook Event:

Literacy in the Park in the news: